Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gender: Our Agenda

I recently attended a Gender Empowerment Forum organised by Kenya Model United Nations UoN Chapter. Well, I'm neither looking forward to any modelling career nor am I crossing the gender divide, but rather bridging it. The KMUN is a sort of 'model' of the real United Nations, with a mock stucture, function and purpose of the UN, and run by members of such educational institutions as the UoN.
It is quite amazing how intruiging opening your mind to a rather inconcievable mindset could be, in terms of looking at an issue from a different perspective. Here, I refer to the Kenyan 'men'. A male friend of mine quipped jokingly, "I would not attend because they are going to discuss womens' affairs... which are not my problems!" I soon made the comparison to a Kenyan livin in urban Nairobi, who is least concerned about the IDP situation in Kenya since neither him, nor his immediate family has been displaced.
Women have long been victims of too many obvious injustices that it would be impossible for anyone to discuss all of them in any forum. It has also been our problem as men to acknowledge these injustices. I call such men, simply, cowards.

I support Gender Equality, do you?

Esto vir! Be a Man!


Welcome to my blog. For my fisrt post I would like to give a personal 'disclaimer' to this web-log. I believe every individual has certain philosophies and norms of life which although not explicitly definite, do exist. Growth is change,... for the better. Thus if certain beliefs and norms haven't been acquired or changed(again, for the better) by an individual, say for a year, then that person has not grown -not physically- for that period.

I will discuss generally about what is happening in my life, issues that affect me personally, my communities and our nation, Kenya. I hope it will be interesting and informative to my prospective readers.

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