Friday, August 1, 2008

CDSC Snail Mail Service (SMS)

It has been almost a month since my account was credited with my HFCK Rights Issue shares but sadly I am not able to benefit on the short term which is exactly why I subscribed. I will not be able to sell my shares since the shares owned before books closure were in certificate form, even though they were immobilized before the deadline stipulated in the Issue's time table. Because of their inefficiency, these had not been immobilized as concerned CDSC by start of trade and thus my allocation will come in form of certificates too. (I was told the messiah is coming soon. So did they say about my Certificates).

Since the Safaricom onslaught brought the total number of account holders to a staggering 1.8M, cds will have to think of another way of disseminating information rather than the present 'SMS'. Eight Investments is doing a good job as one of their information vendors. I think they should take over with an apt IT solution to this mess. When did you last get an account statement?

It is so frustrating to bet your money on a winning horse just to lose on account of disservice from the jockey's end.(literally)