Friday, September 19, 2008

Staircase Musings

Sitted on the staircase outside the Block... can't imagine the crew's going to be an hour late, again. Oh, yes. Meetings can be quite frustrating to arrange, that is, with schoolmates who may not appreciate the value of your time, i.e. money.

Quoting my dad, procrastination is sure a thief of time. I have about five projects to deal with at the moment and don't seem to be getting headway in any. Life is one big oxymoron. With advancements in technology, one would think everyone's life is being made easier with every other 'sandwich toaster' invention that flashes by.

What I mean is that Tech seems to be making us lazier, rather less productive, as compared to our predecessors of years yonder don't you think? Yes, think about the cost of making an appointment before the arrival of Safcon and the likes. You'd agree with your mate to meet at Kencom on a specific day at a specific time. If either of you faultered on timing or location you would have to wait till both of you got back home or to the office to make that phone call and either apologize or give him/her a piece of your mind, then arrange another meeting! With cellphones, you can always be 'on the way'. Same with mail. In high school, on would pen that last 'Dear sweeti' at least a two weeks before end of term to make sure it reaches him/her before school's closure. These days a job application could be copy-paste-edited on the deadline date and e-mailed before 5.00pm.

PS: Can't wait to get my hand's on Google's GPhone that's set to retail at just $200. This gadget is set to give Apple's iPhone a run for their money. Really disappointed at Orange-Telkom, no iPhone.

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