Monday, August 3, 2009

Invitation to Public Talk on "Technology and Business in Kenya"

Time: 2.30 pm Date: Tuesday, 4th August
Venue: Engineering Department, University of Nairobi
Speaker: Dr. Luke Ouko

Luke Ouko graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology's
Media Lab in Media Arts and Sciences specializing in Media Technology.
He did most of his research at MIT's Architecture department's
E-Commerce Architecture Group as a fellow. Previously he studied
Computer Science at Stanford University, Public Policy at Georgetown
and Marketing at Nairobi University.

Ouko's main research interests are in the areas of technology and it's
impact on learning, innovation and development, the semantic web and
cellular automata.

Ouko is currently in charge of technology at an IT consulting company,
Verve, where their main focus is providing information management
solutions to local organizations. The company is also building a
portal for grey (unpublished material) in the East African region.

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