Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My TEDx Nairobi... Part Two

Paula Kahumbu - WildLife Direct

This self professed tree hugger does not watch TV. Instead she has 'the wild' for her daily dose of actions and admits she fights for the environment for a selfish reason. She just wants to enjoy it.

Many Kenyans, including me, have grown up being taught that we should conserve and preserve the environment for the sake of tourism. To get the much needed foreign exchange! But do we value the abundant resources that are bestowed on us for our own sake. She made an interesting comparison between our GDP KSh~25-30Bn compared to what the US makes from Bee Industry KSh~15Bn.

To 'save the world', ecologically, there needs to be invested a sum of $45Bn towards conservation, preservation and restoration efforts. The ROI on this is estimated to be upwards of $1Trillion. Aly-Khan Satchu would agree that this is a damn good investment, she quips!

Paula runs WildLife Direct whose focus is communicating real stories in real time concerning WildLife and Environment preservation and raising funds to create awareness on the need to do so.

Boniface 'Tear-Jerker' Mwangi - Picha Mtaani

Knowing Boniface from his accolades of Photo-Journalism, there I was wondering how one who expresses his experiences through a camera lens would do so without one now that projector' s (Tonee's PC) was just being M$. His piece was definitely last but not least. Infact IMHO this was the climax of the event.
Don't think I'd tell it better than the TED vid will. Born to a mother of seven, fathered by five and orphaned at seventeen, the story of his life up until the PEV and the awards that followed his pictures is nothing short of breathtaking.

As, I'd said before the Vids should be out from soon

Thanks Kaboro for the invite!

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